How It Works

How does airbnb present their listings?

  • Airbnb does not show the exact physical location of a listing for various reasons that they don’t disclose
  • However, they do pin the listing location within a certain radius from the exact location
  • Certain listings may not even appear because of factors such as availability or spelling discrepancies

How does Huntbnb present airbnb listings?

  • We are capturing listings data from airbnb through their publicly available API. Then, we match results based on the address you’ve provided, using our own algorithm
  • Our algorithm uses the location you’ve provided, creates a Geofence of a certain radius around it, and presents you with all the listings in that circle
  • We believe that this is very close to the radius that airbnb uses for randomizing their location pins (the inaccurate ones)
  • We then filter the listings based on the street name you’ve provided to further narrow down the matches. This further improves the accuracy of finding your listing

Lets demonstrate with an example:

  • Let’s pick an address – xxx Pine Street, San Francisco, CA XXXXX
  • You’re trying to find if there is a listing with this address on airbnb
  • As mentioned earlier, this address will be inaccurately pinned somewhere close to the true location on the map presented to you by airbnb
  • Our algorithm will now go search all the listings within a 500 m radius from xxx Pine Street, and then it will filter the results by street name to present the closest matches to you
  • We display the closest matches with a picture of the property and a link to the airbnb listing to better assist you with the review
  • Again, we are not claiming this is the ONLY accurate way, but it is the closest we could get to the real data and present it in a way beneficial to users

Who does this feature benefit?

  • Landlords who would like to see if their property is listed on airbnb without their permission
  • Renters traveling to a new city who would like to see listings closer to their work destination
  • Any users who would like to view more accurate location pins for airbnb listings

Tips For Search

  • Use only street numbers - do not use apartment numbers or P.O. boxes
  • For addresses like E 77 Street, try E and East

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